Friday, 11 July 2008

Disaster! (Or 'Final Crisis' for all you DC fans)

I tried to put up this post last week but something went wrong with it so I forgot to put it up. Anyway, I've been meaning to post this for a month or so, but uni stuff got in the way. So here it is at last...

Last month I lost my entire portfolio of cartoons: over one hundred and fifty drawings gone and without a 'Rose Tyler back from her parallel universe' return, which, I think you'll admit, is a bit of a kick in the crotchal region. Unfortunately all the new 'Life in the Fridge' stuff went with it, meaning that that page has also suffered a major setback before it even got off the ground. Anyway, I could try and re-draw them again, but right now I'm not in the mood - too much crap going on elsewhere - so for the time being there aren't going to be any new cartoons for either site. I might write from time to time but there'll be no lovely pics for you to look at, except for the archive of past posts. Do enjoy the archived stuff though - that's what they're there for - and feel free to leave a comment on anything that you like/dislike.

So, for now, farewell 'toon fans. And I leave you with the words of Descartes' illustrator: 'I ink, therefore I am'.