Friday, 31 October 2008

Cover Me!

Well I'm already hard at work on the next volume of Too Close for Comfort (I'm hoping to have it done by Spring 2009), and this is the uncoloured cover for Volume 2.
Volume 2 is going to feature another brand new load of cartoons, many of which won't appear on the blog, plus the usual 'Scribble Section', but it'll also have a super-special 'Zombie Zection' in which will feature some zombie-themed cartoons as well as some old cartoons that have been re-drawn in a 'zombie-style'. It's just for fun, and trust me, it'll be good!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

'Zom-B-Gone' would be a good zombie remover...

"Urggh...Damn! It's getting harder and harder to get up on a night-time..."

Maybe because it's close to Halloween, maybe because I just watched a zombie film on Mystery Science Theatre, but I've been drawing a lot of zombie-themed cartoons lately. And I've actually started to see the massive comic potential in all things undead. Don't worry, I'm far off doing a Marvel Comics and producing an entirely zombie Too Close for Comfort, but you can expect to see a fair few zombie cartoons in Volume 2.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this one in the box below...

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Yes folks, it's time for the first...


That's right, as I posted earlier, I'm giving a load of stuff away because either I don't have room for it in or on my desk, I don't want to keep it, or I'm just that nice. The items I'm giving away are all listed below. I've divided them into 'General Crap' and 'Scribblin's', which are sketches I've done that I don't want but which are too good to simply rip up and throw away.

Anyway, all you have to do to claim any of it is leave your name and the piece o' booty you want in the comments box below. First grabbed, first given to. Yep, it's that ridiculously simple! However, just so no one is too greedy and tries to swipe all the goods in one go, I'll only let each person have a maximum of 3 items. Them's the rules folks! Oh, and keep an eye out for my 'Yule Want It? Yule Take It!' Christmas Giveaway starting in December!

So here's what's up for grabs! -


*A cursed ruler (ask for it and I'll tell you why its cursed)

*2 Bulldog Clips (no dog-license required)

*A blank blue wristband (its blue, blank, and goes round your wrist. what more do you want?)

*A light-up magnifying screen (good for studying evidence/drawing really smally things)

*An empty white wine bottle (Vina Sol - it was delicious by the way)

*A pair of 3D glasses (see Spy Kids 3 in all its full glory!)

*A pocket Thesaurus (look up words that can be used as other...ummm...words)

*A pad of Genuine Post-It notes! (That's right, they barely stick to anything for any time!)

*A jungle napkin (featuring animals you'd never find in the jungle!)

*A rare Homer Simpson plush toy (why's it rare? because his head's sown on back to front. I didn't do it, it came that way. D'oh!)

*A scribblin' pad (paper held together to form a blank booklet! ye Gods its a miracle!)

*A Pen (don't get too excited now...)


-Original A4 drawing for cover of Volume 2 of TCFC (animals and other things, oh my!)

-Postcard sized Jigsaw joke (as seen in Scribble Section of Vol.1)

-A back-copy of 'The Courier' newspaper, featuring an original TCFC cartoon (heck, I'll even sign it if you want)

-Postcard sized Matchstick cartoon #1 (it's funny)

-Postcard sized Matchstick cartoon #2 (it's not so funny)

-Original Life in the Fridge cartoon from 2001 (that's right! back when my drawings were even crappier!)

-One or two odd sketches (stuff and nonsense. but it's funny nonsense...)

-A Marvel comic which I have defaced with my own scribblin's. What comic is it? Well you'll have to take your chances and find out! (hint: it's not Spider-Man)

-AND! One item that I want to TRADE for. You gimme something in return that's of equalish value: an A3 wall-mountable whiteboard. I was going to give this away but it's one of the few useful things on the list. If you want it (and I know a fair few of you do) then make me an offer I can't refuse!

Okay... GO! Bid in the Box Below!


That's right folks, in a couple of weeks time I'll soon be giving away free crap that I have no need for and which is clogging up my desk drawers: stuff that'll include original TCFC artwork and sketches, some felt-tip pens, yet another pair of 3D glasses, a cursed ruler (ohoh yes, you'll see!), a whiteboard, a jungle napkin, possibly a copy of the new cartoon compendium, an autographed picture of a monkey, a scribbling pad, and an original and thoroughly crappy sketch drawn by a 14 year old Rob 8 years ago! All this and more will be up for the grabbing - and you won't have to do anything except say you want it to claim it! Details of how to claim the booty ye want will be up soon me hearties!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

From Blog to Book...

Looking for a Birthday/Christmas/St.Swithin's Day gift for a friend, loved one or family member? Then look no further than Volume 1 of the new Too Close For Comfort compendium, featuring over 50 hilarious cartoons, plus a special 16 page 'Scribble Section' featuring unseen artwork, jokes, and sketches - that's right; stuff that hasn't even appeared on the blog! The book features all the cartoons seen on the blog, plus many, many more, and each one has been either re-drawn or re-coloured to make them brighter and better-looking than ever!
Click on the link below to have a sneaky peek at the first 15 pages of the book. And, if you fancy, you can also buy it. Credit crisis be damned, treat yourself!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Plan 9 from Outer Blog-Space...

"Ooh, oww! I hate waking up with a crick in my neck!"

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Change! (UPDATED) 'Back to Black'

Well it seemed no one liked the changes I made, and to be honest, when I woke up this lunchtime and looked at the blog in the cold light of day neither did I. So it's back to black. Huzzah!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Fishing for compliments...

The Fall Guy

It's just occured to me that outside of my insane brain this cartoon might not be the funniest thing I've done. Me, I love it. Just think, 'What's the right elephant to pack when you go skydiving?'...

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Not a load of bull...

"Oh God I hope that's not my blind date. But he is the only one holding a rose..."

Major thanks go to my good friend Elizabeth (who's probably reading this moments after I've typed it) for coming up with this joke. Pure brilliance. I intend to do it justice with a proper drawing rather than a sketch soon. As ever, let me know what'cha think in the box below!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Vincent Price would be proud...

The morning after the Monster Mash...

Due to a creative spurt and having nothing else to do I'm currently swamped with new cartoons. I'm sticking most of them in my new compendium but I'll put a couple up here too.
The one above is just a sketch I did on the train the other day. In the final version I want to have one of them saying something to do with a 'graveyard smash'. Haven't quite worked out what yet. I also want to put Frankenstein's monster and at least one vampire in there somewhere too. But let me know what you think of the general idea.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


"Hey look at me, I'm Mr. Human Hunter! Pity I'm too busy setting bear traps to hear any actual bears coming! A-huh-huh-huh-huuuh!

Hello there! Sorry if you tried to look at this page over the past few hours and were greeted by an intimidating screen demanding to know who you were - I was messing around with the settings to see what some of them did last night and abruptly lost my internet connection - gah!!!. Just got it back now and as you can see, the evil screen has gone - huzzah!.


Hello there blog-fans! As you may know I'm putting together a compendium of cartoons and I'd love for your input. Basically, all you have to do is write a bit of blurb that'll go on the back of the book, y'know, like the kind of stuff that goes on movie posters and dustjackets - 'a swirling blend of mystery and romance' Robinson Nobber, The Times - except I want you to make it funny. Stuff like 'not the worst drawings I've ever seen...' or 'one joke made me smile', or maybe something that involves some clever word play or a joke. If you like, you can even make up your own phoney source or an alias to attribute the quote to, like '...made of really good quality paper' Paper Grade Review. As long as its funny I don't mind (but don't make it too mean, heck, I have got feelings you know). Send your quotable quips to the box below, and thanks in advance!


Saturday, 11 October 2008

Mime your own business...

With the fire spreading rapidly, the Mime finally reaches the Emergency Services... And realises he may be in trouble...

There's something I love about this cartoon, and I can't quite place what it is. Anyway, let me know what you think of it...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Leopard can never change its habits...or spots...

This is another one of those cartoons that divides people -you either love it or you don't get it. It's the Marmite of cartoonography. Me, I like it, but I understand if you don't...
As ever, let me know in the box below...

Pac up your bags and leave...

Okay, I have to admit I'm very proud of this one. It's the first cartoon I've laughed at as I've drawn it. Something about Pac-Man walking into a bar where his ghostly enemies are makes me laugh. And if you don't get it then think of it this way: think of Pac-Man from the ghosts' perspective, and suddenly it becomes a slasher horror...

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

...half a pound of treacle...

"Needless to say the truck crash here at the Weasel Sanctuary has wildlife officials extremely concerned..."

Ah the weasel, nature's most combustible mammal. This pic is hot off the press and is one of the many that are going into the TCFC compendium I'm putting together. It'll feature all the cartoons on the blog, plus a lot of ones that aren't. Keep an eye out for it!

Saturday, 4 October 2008


This Cartoon already has a punchline, but I removed it so that y'all can have some fun and make up your own. The best one wins a GENUINE PAIR OF 3D GLASSES! (Ooooh! Aaaah!). So grease up your funny bones and get thinking! Send your answers to the box below...

Blown Away...

One of the few cartoons that doesn't need a tag-line, and which I've had in my head for a while now (not just because of those windmills they've built on the other side of our valley. Grrr!). I drew a few versions and this was the best. As ever, let me know what you think.