Sunday, 21 November 2010

Grandpa T-Rex...
...Returns on December 1st.

Just over a week now until Grandpa T-Rex outwits the Grim Raptor and returns from the dead for a run of cartoons that'll take us up to and into 2011. A couple of people have asked me how it's going to happen. Will it be with Jurassic Park style cloning technology? No, nothing as predictable as that! Will it be by burial in the Pet Sematary? (as my mate Matt has been campaigning for) Wait, he was never dead? No, he was definitely dead. It'll all be explained on the 1st. Actually, I think I may have accidentally stolen the solution from Futurama or The Simpsons without realising it. I'm not sure. If I haven't then it's something you could definitely imagine happening to Professor Farnsworth or Mr. Burns.

Hope you're looking forward to the return of Grandpa T-Rex. See you all on Wednesday December 1st!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Writing for Graphic Novels

If you're interested in writing for graphic novels but have no clue where to start you might want to take a gander at a post I wrote for Fuel Your Writing, which takes you through the basics of getting your ideas down on the page. Here's the link, and I hope it helps!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Should've invited Superman...

Batman, at the Gotham Police department Christmas party...
With December (and Christmas) nary a reindeer's leap away, the office party season is slowly beginning. I can't imagine the Gotham City Police dept. has a great knees-up, especially if Batman drops by for a quick drink. They're having to deal with all the low-level crimes and he swans in after being dropped off in his Batmobile/Batsub/Batplane/Batcopter/Bathysphere/Batcycle/Batrocket/Batwhale (all those vehicles have appeared in the comics by the way - I especially like the Batwhale). For a Gotham police officer, having a chat with Batman about crime-prevention must be like talking to an old school friend who's become ridiculously successful - every story you tell will pale in comparison to his. "I arrested a man for assault today." "Oh really? Yeah that's cool. I stopped Mr. Freeze from turning all of Gotham into an icy wasteland. And then I had dinner with Wonder Woman."
And don't even think about asking him if he's ever met Bruce Wayne...

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I apologise if posts get a bit erratic over the next week or two, and that 'Drew' isn't on time as it should be, but it's down to some familial matters that far and away take precedence over anything I do. I hope to get part 3 of 'Drew' done before the week is out, but if not then it'll appear as part of a bumper parts 3 & 4 near the end of November. Thanks for following the blog, and I look forward to getting back to cartooning soon!


Bad Robot

Naughty robot in felt-tip. Drawn on some very old yellowy paper I found in the attic (I'd run out of the normal stuff and I'll draw on anything), which is why it looks like it's from another decade.

Monday, 1 November 2010

The product of hot soup...

This picture is of no consequence. It's just something I drew while I was waiting for my soup to cool. But it's based on those 30s and 40s comics where people would get super-powers from strange space rocks or unlikely chemical spills and then announce their surprise at the results in a cheesy piece of exposition. You just don't see enough of that in comics these days. If I ever get super-powers I'm going to announce it like that.