Sunday, 21 November 2010

Grandpa T-Rex...
...Returns on December 1st.

Just over a week now until Grandpa T-Rex outwits the Grim Raptor and returns from the dead for a run of cartoons that'll take us up to and into 2011. A couple of people have asked me how it's going to happen. Will it be with Jurassic Park style cloning technology? No, nothing as predictable as that! Will it be by burial in the Pet Sematary? (as my mate Matt has been campaigning for) Wait, he was never dead? No, he was definitely dead. It'll all be explained on the 1st. Actually, I think I may have accidentally stolen the solution from Futurama or The Simpsons without realising it. I'm not sure. If I haven't then it's something you could definitely imagine happening to Professor Farnsworth or Mr. Burns.

Hope you're looking forward to the return of Grandpa T-Rex. See you all on Wednesday December 1st!