Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Multicoloured Post

"On your feet, Lantern."

Well, I liked the Green Lantern movie, but then I'm a Mogo-sized Green Lantern fan. Even if I wasn't then I think I'd have thought it an entertaining, if rather safe, summer movie. It was fun, predictable, and looked great in 3D. Of course I wanted more from it, but as a summer movie it did its job with flying (mostly green colours). It had a lot of nice nods to the comics for the fanboys (the dead planet Ryut - once home of angry Red Lantern Atrocitus and future planet for the forging of the Black Lantern battery, a whole host of Lanterns from the comics, a nod to Carol Ferris's future career as a Star Sapphire, and a nice after-credits sequence that I won't spoil but isn't at all a surprise to those who watch the movie or know the comics). Sadly there was no mention, hint or citrus-tinted trace of one of the best characters in comics, Agent Orange.

In the aftermath of watching the movie I scribbled this out in felt tip (I'm not keen on felt tip as I'm a bit rubbish with it, but it was all I had to hand). Although the yellow in this picture looks like fire it's meant to be the yellow light of Fear, wielded by the Sinestro Corps, subliming and disintegrating as our nameless (but Abin-Sur lookalike) Green Lantern recovers from its assault and summons his last shards of willpower for one final push...