Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Yes folks, it's time for the first...


That's right, as I posted earlier, I'm giving a load of stuff away because either I don't have room for it in or on my desk, I don't want to keep it, or I'm just that nice. The items I'm giving away are all listed below. I've divided them into 'General Crap' and 'Scribblin's', which are sketches I've done that I don't want but which are too good to simply rip up and throw away.

Anyway, all you have to do to claim any of it is leave your name and the piece o' booty you want in the comments box below. First grabbed, first given to. Yep, it's that ridiculously simple! However, just so no one is too greedy and tries to swipe all the goods in one go, I'll only let each person have a maximum of 3 items. Them's the rules folks! Oh, and keep an eye out for my 'Yule Want It? Yule Take It!' Christmas Giveaway starting in December!

So here's what's up for grabs! -


*A cursed ruler (ask for it and I'll tell you why its cursed)

*2 Bulldog Clips (no dog-license required)

*A blank blue wristband (its blue, blank, and goes round your wrist. what more do you want?)

*A light-up magnifying screen (good for studying evidence/drawing really smally things)

*An empty white wine bottle (Vina Sol - it was delicious by the way)

*A pair of 3D glasses (see Spy Kids 3 in all its full glory!)

*A pocket Thesaurus (look up words that can be used as other...ummm...words)

*A pad of Genuine Post-It notes! (That's right, they barely stick to anything for any time!)

*A jungle napkin (featuring animals you'd never find in the jungle!)

*A rare Homer Simpson plush toy (why's it rare? because his head's sown on back to front. I didn't do it, it came that way. D'oh!)

*A scribblin' pad (paper held together to form a blank booklet! ye Gods its a miracle!)

*A Pen (don't get too excited now...)


-Original A4 drawing for cover of Volume 2 of TCFC (animals and other things, oh my!)

-Postcard sized Jigsaw joke (as seen in Scribble Section of Vol.1)

-A back-copy of 'The Courier' newspaper, featuring an original TCFC cartoon (heck, I'll even sign it if you want)

-Postcard sized Matchstick cartoon #1 (it's funny)

-Postcard sized Matchstick cartoon #2 (it's not so funny)

-Original Life in the Fridge cartoon from 2001 (that's right! back when my drawings were even crappier!)

-One or two odd sketches (stuff and nonsense. but it's funny nonsense...)

-A Marvel comic which I have defaced with my own scribblin's. What comic is it? Well you'll have to take your chances and find out! (hint: it's not Spider-Man)

-AND! One item that I want to TRADE for. You gimme something in return that's of equalish value: an A3 wall-mountable whiteboard. I was going to give this away but it's one of the few useful things on the list. If you want it (and I know a fair few of you do) then make me an offer I can't refuse!

Okay... GO! Bid in the Box Below!


Christopher said...

Call me crazy but I'd like the cursed ruler please dude!

Also, I'd like the whiteboard please... what would you like in return?

A corkboard?
An In-tray (or two... or three - they stack!)
Any number of lever-arch files or notepads.

Ummm... I'll keep thinking.

Rob said...

The cursed ruler is your sir! And I'll happily take a notepad in return for the whiteboard. It's yours!

Nicole said...

Ooooooo, is it too late to grab the bulldog clips and sketch pad?