Friday, 8 February 2008

Hangman (tbp)

I do love a good game of 'Hangman', though I'd like it a lot less if a noose was involved.
As for the cartoon, I like this one a lot. It's fairly well-drawn (I'm very proud of the hangman in particular), nicely inked, and, most important of all, it's pretty funny. As you'd expect, the idea came during a game of Hangman and I just refined the punch-line from there. The tag-line has changed with every incarnation of the cartoon, ranging from the simple 'Hangman: 1602' (if you like your Marvel or Neil Gaiman you'll know where I got the date from) to the downright obscure 'You snooze, you noose', to 'Medieval gameshows' (which very nearly took the place of the current tag-line).
Look out for this one in The Courier in the next few weeks...