Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Sharks (tbp)

This works better in a larger format because I can fit the words in that I wanted to put in ('Edwina, aren't you showing rather a lot of fin in that dress my dear...?')

I like the idea that fins are the shark equivalent of cleavage, and that's really the basis of the joke. The 'Sharks getting ready to go out for dinner' tag doesn't really add much to it all, but I couldn't think of a better line so it stuck.
This is one that's eventually going to end up in The Courier unless I think of a better cartoon to replace it.
And I think that shark looks rather handsome in his tuxedo.


Liza said...

You could replace the tag with the words you can't fit in. Something like "Frank thought Edwina was showing rather a lot of fin in her evening dress." But then he wouldn't have anything to say in the actual frame, so I guess that doesn't really work. They are two of the sharpest dressing sharks I've ever seen though.