Sunday, 6 April 2008

Choo, choo!

'After being fired, Thomas' life soon went off the rails...'
Something fantastic happened today. I was rooting through some dusty old files and found a stash of cartoons that I did years ago and forgot about. They'll be up on the blog all in good time, but I inked this one and posted it first because it made me chuckle. Thomas the Tank Engine was the stuff of my early childhood and so when it came time to do an 'Off the rails' joke, I decided to use him. Of course, for legal reasons he's not called by his full name: he's just a blue engine called Thomas. Oh, look at the coincidence! ;)
Making a locomotive look dishevelled is hard work indeed, but with the bleary eyes and stubble I think I pulled it off. Originally I wanted the tag-line to be 'After becoming addicted to coke, Thomas' life soon went off the rails...', but that was too obscure (he runs on coal y'see, and coke is a by-product of coal) and I didn't like the idea of people thinking I was portraying my favourite tank engine as a drug addict.
Anyway, what do you think?