Thursday, 18 December 2008

Merry List-mas...

There are some traditions that you can't and shouldn't avoid at Christmas because it just wouldn't be Christmas without them. So here's my list of things you should do before the big day to make it that extra bit Christmassy. If you're not feeling particularly festive yet and want to be then this list might also help. And if you can think of anything else to add then leave a comment!

-Listen to Slade's 'Merry Christmas' at least twice (let Noddy's dulcet tones pound into your skull!)
-Read a Christmas ghost story (Dickens is good -plenty to choose from there, the best being A Christmas Carol and The Signal-Man)
-Sing at least one classic/church Christmas Carol with gusto
-Send a Christmas card to someone you haven't seen/spoken to in years
-Wear tinsel as a scarf (only for a few minutes otherwise your neck gets itchy)
-Decorate a Christmas tree
-Watch at least one festive comedy special from the 70s (Morecambe and Wise, Porridge, Dad's Army etc)
-Watch at least one crappy Christmas movie (Santa Claus: The Movie, starring Dudley Moore is the perfect example of this. Also see any festive afternoon movie on Channel 5)
-Watch at least one good Christmas movie (A Muppet Christmas Carol is the perfect example of this - I almost made this a bullet point on its own)
-Have a sherry with an elderly relative
-Wrap some presents (even if you're not giving them - do it for other people)
-Pull a cracker (interpret this as you might)
-Wear some Christmas socks
-Do something nice for someone unexpectedly/Give to charity
-Go see a choir singing Christmas carols
-Eat one more mince pie that you think you should
-Read through the Christmas TV Guide and highlight all the shows/movies you want to watch
-Sit under the Christmas tree and shake the gifts and try to guess what they are (even if they're not yours)
-Eat, drink and be merry with your friends/family
-Make up your own Christmas joke (here's mine: What's the deadliest plant at Christmas? Missile-toe!)
-Wear a stupid Christmas hat


Nicole said...

Love the list! For me, it's always the music and movie staples that make it feel like Christmastime :)

Heleen said...

What I do around Christmas time:

- watch the entire Friends series 1-10
- watch The Lord of the Rings: The extended edition

What I want to do:

- take a long walk in the moonlight and warm up with some hot chocolate afterwards

But I do like your suggestions as well. :)