Friday, 2 January 2009



Right, okay, first post of the new year, a whole new year, yes, good, very good - but blimey where did that come from? Anyway, no need to panic, deep breaths, keep a straight head, loose lips sink ships and all that... sorry, I'm blabbering...where was I?

Oh yes! 2009...Well now I've shaken off the New Year's hangover I can have a final look back before continuing. Onwards and upwards, or, at least, onwards and sideways.
2008 was certainly an eventful year - laughter, tears, good times, heartache, heartburn, lots of brilliant people, a couple of royal douchebags (yeah I'm looking at you Time Thief from the Live! Theatre and a certain Crummy professor!), plenty of new places visited, kites were flown, kitchen floors were sat on, gallons of milkshakes drunk, creativity by the bucketload, and me going 'Top Notch!' a lot. All in all, a very good year.

So, what does 2009 have in store?

Well I'm going to be doing some travelling, drawing as many cartoons as possible, trying to invent my famous mittens for men, and then starting my job. An actual 9 to 5 job with a suit and a phone and an office and everything. Ooh I'm growing up...'gulp', and I'll admit, it'll probably affect the blog more than a little. It's to be expected. But, anyway, before I start that life of tax and bills and TGIFs there's plenty of year ahead - time to fall in love, fall in holes, make new friends, reunite with old ones, think up a new catchphrase to replace 'Top Notch!', figure out the secret of the Colonel's secret recipe of spices, have even more milkshakes, be as best a person as I can possibly be and hopefully make you fantastic people smile with some great cartoons. There'll be sharks, ghosts, glasses half-empty, more sharks, karate chops, zombies, glasses half-full, Victorians, and lots lots more. I hope you like them, cos I'm certainly proud of them.

So 2009 is going to be a year of big changes. One thing is for sure though: there'll be plenty of cartoons along the way. And if I was the kind of guy who made resolutions that would definitely be the one.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and, above all, Top Notch year.

Lots of Love, Rob


Nicole said...

Top Notch post and some Top Notch memories too!

Speaking of Victorians, have you read any of the Horrible Histories...reminds me a little of your cartoons :)

Rob said...

Oh I LOVE Horrible Histories! They were practically all I read as a kid :)