Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Coming Soon in Fed Up February...

January's grinding to a close and soon it'll be time for February. I was going to say 'fabulous February' but its really not a fab month in any sense: it's still cold, dark, way off summer and worst of all contains the most gut-gurningly evil day on the planet: Valentine's Day*. Gah! Look out April, February just became the cruellest month.

Mercifully though it's only 28 days long - ha ha ha haa! take that, month! - and during it I'll be doing my best to brighten it up as much as possible. There'll be lots of great cartoons, some baffling waffle on my behalf, votes aplenty and a poster giveaway. And keep an eye out on Facebook for my 'Too Close to Valentine's Day' event. And it's all free, so what more could you ask for? What? A lottery win? Well week's numbers are 23, 1, 15, 11, 48, and 674.

*By the way, I don't hate love or relationships (they're great), I just disagree with it being forced down my neck in the middle of a month when going out for a romantic meal involves dressing up like an eskimo and trekking across an icy town to a crowded restaurant full of couples who hate the fact that they'll have to pay double for a crappy plate of pasta and then go home and be forced at arrowpoint to have sex by Cupid, even though she has a headache and he has an early meeting in the morning. Hmph.