Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rage Against The Love Machine...

This cartoon is something I specially designed for my anti-Valentine's day group on Facebook (feel free to join if you wish - its not a party as some thought, more a global hatred of a Hallmark holiday...ooh, the alliteration at the end of that made me shiver...). I came up with the idea for it after the last time I saw my doctor friend George and realised how disgusting the inside workings of the human body are. I mean, you wouldn't have a real heart on the cover of a St. Val's card. It's also a little satirical in its idea of the naturally beautiful vs. the unnaturally beautiful - the plastic surgery, 'look the best you can by any means' culture an' all.

I quite like this one, and when it comes to the 2nd Volume of 'Too Close For Comfort' I'll either re-draw it or leave it as it is and put it in the special 'Random Acts of Scribbling' section... Whether you're a fan of St. Val's or not, let me know what you think of the pic.


Heleen said...

I liked it better without the colours. It's a great cartoon tho :)