Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Top Five

Right then, couple of things first - you may have noticed that a few stories have been cropping up on the blog lately. Don't worry, there hasn't been some malfunction in the webpage/time continuum, I've just been keeping my writing muscles in shape. Plus each story has or will have an illustration to go with it so there's some cartoony relevance.

Also, in honour of the approaching St. Patrick's Day there will be another public information short hitting the blog in the next few days, following in the same vein as the St. Valentine one that was up earlier this month (except I like St. Paddy's Day).
Now, onto the main business. A vote. I've picked my favourite 5 cartoons I've drawn and I would love it if YOU, yes, you the good-looking blog reader there, voted for your favourite in the poll bit to the right. The reason for this will be explained all in good time my dears but suffice to say it's INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT what you think, and not just to me. So peruse the selection of 5 below and then click on you favourite in the poll.
(Oh, and if your favourite isn't on here then just pick the one you think is prettiest. It's all good)

All the best,


An unfortunate chance meeting...


With the fire spreading, the Mime finally reaches the Emergency Services...and realises he may be in more trouble than he thought...


Doris opened her eyes. Her sneezing fit was over, but unfortunately so was her date...


"Oh great! He's only gone out and gotten himself drunk!"