Monday, 2 February 2009

The White Stuff...

When it snows at Smedley Towers it certainly does snow. Four inches today and its still snowing. Weatherman said there'd be up to four more overnight. Thats a lot of snow.

Anyway, being snowed in today gave me a lot of time to think (yes, yes, as well as sleep and drink), and it was while ingesting my usual cluster of news websites that I saw some pictures of snowmen that people across the country had built. And some of them were magnificently creative. There's one of a dishevelled snowman lying on his side surrounded by beer bottles. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. That's the kind of thing that makes me love people.

The snowmen made me think about how creative people get when there's snow around. Everyone from kids to grandparents loves to create a snowman or a snow angel, or write their name in the snow (by what means I will let you imagine), or sometimes even build a snow fort. I think it's because after a heavy snow the entire world looks so different - like a blank canvas. A blank canvas ready for you to make your mak on it. For you to derive some creativity and fun and satisfaction from it. Everything you know and are used to; fields, trees, buildings, roads, are all doused in white and look ready to be started all over again. There's something magical about it (yeah I know its cliched but that doesn't stop it from being true), and even though your friendly snowman or your makeshift igloo may last only a day or three before being soaked up by the earth, you know that for however long, Mother Nature gave you something to be inspired by.

And even if you don't fancy going out in the snow then you can still be inspired by it from your window. Draw a picture, compose a poem, write a letter to a friend. In fact, here's a free blank canvas from me to get you started....