Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Humpty Dumpty Joke (but Gary Larson still has the best one)

"She opened the door, and even before the Policeman had chance to speak Mrs. Dumpty knew something had happened to her son..."

Oh Humpty Dumpty, you above all others are the easiest public domain character to make fun out of. There have been so many Humpty Dumpty jokes that if you stacked them all in a great pile it would be the exact size of the wall the unfortunate Egg fell off. I tried to take a different angle to the whole thing by using the TV and movie cliche of the policeman turning up on the doorstep, hat under arm, to deliver the bad news to a relative. I like to think that after hearing the bad news Mrs Dumpty faints, falls over and shatters just like her son.
And as we're in the run up to Easter you can bet that there'll be more yolks n' jokes on this blog in the coming days...
And if you like Humpty Dumpty and his whole unfortunate incident, you should definitely check out Jasper Fforde's The Big Over Easy, which examines Humpty's death in the manner of a hard-boiled detective story.