Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rob's Random (Drawing) 5...

Something a little bit different this week. I’ve really not had all that much random stuff on my mind, so instead of a Random 5 Thoughts I’ve come up with a Random 5 Drawings I’ve discovered while wandering the world wide webternet. Some of them are comics, some are political cartoons, some of them are concept art, but all of them are entertaining in some way. Click on the titles and feast your eyes. Anyway, enjoy, and I’ll be back next week with another bushel of barmy thoughts.

1. Sherlock Holmes: Combining two of my favourite things – Sherlock Holmes and Comics – comes this preview of, well, a Sherlock Holmes comic. Honestly, I’m not sure why there aren’t more graphic novels featuring the Great Detective. Dynamite’s Sherlock Holmes #1 is out next week and judging by the preview it’s worth a gander. There’s some really nice artwork here and it does a beautiful job of capturing 1890s London and the look of Holmes and Watson.

2. The Road: io9 have a peek at the gallery of beautifully bleak concept artwork for The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy’s Booker Prize winning novel of the same name.

3. Peter Brookes (The Times): Peter Brookes is my favourite political cartoonist and his ability to come up with beautifully drawn, funny and sharp cartoons is astounding. With Swine Flu spreading through the news faster than it spreads around the world, here’s a great cartoon that encompasses both the virus and how it’s taken the focus from Labour’s recent Budget unpopularity.

4. Dilbert: I was going to pick only one Dilbert cartoon but I find them all so funny that I couldn't pick just one. Just head over to the Dilbert site and gorge on the comic strip goodness (Dogbert asking Dilbert if his wealth intimidates him is a great one). You can see the most recent and also the most popular strips and enjoy lots of other Dilbert-related things. I've spent hours on this site.

5. Darwyn Cooke: My favourite comic book artist and writer, I'll read anything with Darwyn Cooke's name on it. I couldn't pick just one of his drawings, so the link will take you to a Google gallery featuring some of his best stuff out there.