Thursday, 18 June 2009

It's Only Words...

One of my favourite authors, Jasper Fforde, has the best author's website ever. This is a fact. There are lots of great things to check out and take part in, with my current favourite being the 'Made Up Words' section, in which you can submit your favourite made up words, like 'Puffalope' (one of those padded, puffy envelopes. This is a word I've already used twice today), and 'Eloquacious' (a mix of eloquent and loquacious, meaning "the ability to create brand new words, that sound as if they've always, truly existed, and mean exactly what you think they would"). Check it out here and see some truly great words to put in your next story/novel/board meeting presentation. And if you have a made up word then let Jasper know.