Saturday, 4 July 2009

"Oh no, we've got Movie-Sign!"

An introduction to this cartoon. I think it's generationally challenged so it needs it.

The Hope & Crosby 'Road To...' films of the 40s are a real favourite of mine. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you can get a glimpse here in an excellent musical excerpt from 'Road to Morocco' (it'll also help make the cartoon below funnier). And there are plenty more great clips from them on YouTube. They were extremely popular films in their day and quite a few were made (though I can never remember how many exactly). Anyway, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby were a great comic pairing and whenever I need a pick-me up I always watch one of their 'Road To...' films (usually 'Road to Utopia' as that has a talking bear in it and a hilarious bit involving a dog and a stick of TNT). They may be old films but the jokes haven't dated and if you can watch one without a smile being brought to your face then you must be a robot.
Anyway, last week my dad and I were watching the excellent Tom Hanks/Jude Law movie 'Road to Perdition' and I said "Y'know, this my least favourite of the Hope & Crosby movies". He laughed, but then he's over 50 so he was around back when these things were being repeated at the Saturday matinees. And so that is where the joke for this cartoon comes from: a movie title and the collision of the comic with the serious. It's a bit of a flawed premise in that it's a joke based on a not universally known set of films, but I like it, and the fact it made one other person laugh makes it good enough to be put up here.

Bob Hope & Bing Crosby in 'The Road to Perdition' (1954)

This is also my first stab at charicatures, so go easy on me. :) Oh, and ten points to anyone who knows what cult 90s TV show the title of this post comes from. (Clue: it's from the not too distant future, somewhere in time and space...)