Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Writing Space

In her latest blog post Cass talks about writing spaces. Take a look at it. It's a very nice piece with a lot of photos you can snoop at. In answer to her article, here's where I come up with all my crazy ideas...

Actually there are currently more bottles and graphic novels on it than in this pic, as I'm doing some research for an upcoming cartoon, but usually it's incredibly neat. All the arty cartoony equipment is stored away out o' sight as I'm not a fan of clutter on a desk. I can't work in untidiness. Keep it neat! On the right is my faithful bamboo plant, Bambooey, who I think is coming to the end of his life after six long years of service. That chair I sit on is the oldest, most fall-apart piece of crap ever to have been flung out of the 1960's, and in hot weather it starts to smell powerfully of industrial solvents and glue, but it is so unbelievably comfortable that I can't throw it away. It's comfiness is umparalleled. I've never sat in a more welcoming chair. Underneath the upholstery is a shockingly awful green colour, so I threw a blanket over it and now it doesn't offend the eye. There are actually a lot more pictures and mementos and weird but interesting items around the room than the picture would seem to show. I like having lots of stuff around to play with while I think. Usually though it's a rubber ball that I bounce off the wall. All writers and creators should get a rubber ball to bounce. Really helps you think.

The most important thing in that shot is The Board, just peeking above my monitor. Let's take a closer look...

The Board is where I keep all the best postcards, cards and notes I get given, as well as reminders and the odd new drawing. It's always changing (although I never throw away anything thats been on it) although there are a few postcards and things that never get moved from it. Currently its highlights include a donkey postcard, two highland cow postcards, a postcard I got in Biarritz (you can tell I love postcards) a lovely drawing of a heart, a few 'Too Close For Comfort' scribbles, and a picture of Two-Face I drew that is so scary I love it. Everyone should have a Board like this - it's a great way to keep mementos, helps enliven your desk, and can give you a bit of inspiration when it comes to creating a story or cartoon. Go buy yourself a board now!

So that's my desk. I hope you liked it. I think Ikea still have a few in stock.


Cassandra said...

Is that the heart I sent? You kept it!? That makes me happy!

And I love love love your 'Propose to Anne H. Tomorrow' note!

Thanks for responding with your own post!

That's quite the bamboo plant, too. Kudos for keeping it alive for so long! I've managed to keep four small fern-ish things alive since i've been home to the states and that's doing really well for me. The only other thing i've managed to keep well are fish (this gives me hope for Mollie).

I'm tempted now to make a post about boards so I can show mine off... look for it soon! Great idea, Rob!

Nicole said...

Awe, is that Leonard in the corner? Love it!