Sunday, 5 July 2009

'You Say Potato...'

This one's for Cassie...
Upon the first potato asking Mrs. Potato Head, 'Hey baby, Idaho or Youdaho?'

Right, some explanation. Earlier, on her blog, Cass talked about the state of Idaho, it's potato-related fame, and resulting 'raunchy potato jokes'. I was intrigued (well, would I be anything else at the mention of rudeness and starchy foods?). When she replied to my interest it was with the longstanding potato-based joke 'Idaho or Youdaho?' (Potato-based prostitution, geddit?). Well, I love to create cartoons for people and I couldn't resist the challenge to make a cartoon based on the aforementioned joke. And within two minutes of thinking I had one, and a few minutes scribbling brought it to life, which makes this the fastest cartoon I've ever created from joke to scribble to blog.

Hope you like it Cass! :)


Cassandra said...

Not quite third-grade-aged characters, but I love the potato heads! I wouldn't have put them together like that!

You say potato, I say you're a ho.

I <3 you!