Saturday, 1 August 2009

Justice League...Assemble!

Green Lantern, The Flash & Batman

I've been practicing drawing people lately as it's not one of my strong points. Sure, if you need a talking beer bottle or an anthropomorphic book I'm your man, but I'm rarely satisfied with the people I've drawn, and there are a couple of people-featuring 'Too Close For Comfort' cartoons I've wanted to draw for a while now but haven't been able to because the humans I've drawn have looked rubbish. However drawing normal people is boring - far better to practice by drawing super-heroes, which are much more fun and mean I can test our different face and body shapes (wait 'til you see Superman - he's super-buff!).


Cassandra said...

Hey, there's a blog I follow that is a webcomic (and she has a book out) that has fantastic people-drawing skills. Maybe studying how Lucy does might help a bit on your quest for greatness: