Thursday, 1 October 2009


'Pride & Prejudice & Social Networking'

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Tweeter in possession of suitable technology must be in want of followers with whom to Tweet."

Oh how different - and probably much shorter - Jane Austen novels would be if Twitter or Facebook were around at the time of their writing. Romance was conducted in a more dignified, but glacially slow way, back then. There were rules of courtship to follow and romantic intentions to be analysed and acted upon. Everything was a lot more restrained. Things didn't just happen like this... ...which, I think you'll agree, is probably for the best. Tweets and status updates do not make for classic literature, especially as you'd just get pages and pages of Mrs. Bennet Tweeting about wanting to marry-off her daughters to rich fellas.


Sue said...

Funny and perceptive! Love your site, will be dropping by often!

Christina said...

totally love you for this.

Rob said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! There'll be some more Austen cartoons coming soon as well as others! :)

Nicole said...

What a fascinating, brilliant idea! I'd love to see more clashes of technology with the classics :)