Wednesday, 18 November 2009

All that's missing are the brass goggles...

Oh how I love all things Steampunk: the brass, the ray guns, the goggles, the...steam. It's great to draw too: just let your imagination loose, remembering to add a few polished brass touches and some clockwork here and there. Bingo! You've got yourself some Steampunk. You'll notice that our intrepid space explorer is wearing a diving suit of seal skin (perfect for protecting him against the harsh vacuumational effects of space), and our feisty heroine has a corset made of the finest Sheffield steel, plus the latest bellows-powered 'portable respirational aerator' to induce and encourage lung activity in even the thinnest of atmospheres. And both sport top of the range 'aether-accelerating' ray guns to fend off any unwanted natives. 'That'll show those alien blighters!'

This was just a drawing I did today while bored (actually it started when I was doodling and realised I'd drawn a man in a moustache, and it sort of all spread across the page from there), and it's taken from the 'Martian Steampunk' genre that you can find millions of pictures on already, but the more I look at it and think about it, the less it looks like a picture and more like a book cover... Hmm...time to write some short steampunk adventure stories...?


Christopher said...

Rob, Steampunk needs YOU!

Seriously, it does. Your writing would suit the Steampunk genre perfectly. Abbi thinks so too, we were just talking about this a few days ago :)