Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ghost in the Machine...

Yeah, sorry, I have a bit of explaining to do...

It has been a busy old month. I got a job, did that job, found out I wasn't suited to that job and was terrible at it, and left that job. And in between it all I was trying to get a new project off the ground (more on that later), maintain contact with friends and loved ones, having to study, perform a nightmarish commute, and fulfill any regular monthly obligations. Oh, and I also tried to transfer my blog. And then failed at that, which is why my page on Wordpress is still blank. I just haven't had the time, but more than that, I haven't had the time and technological expertise...
You see, I thought Blogger was playing up in not allowing me to upload cartoons. Turns out I was wrong. Sorry Blogger! It didn't work on Wordpress either (oh, and by the way, Wordpress confuzzled the hell out of me with it's fanciness - graphs? I don't want to read graphs!) and I finally figured out that the problem isn't with my computer, it's with the shiny new broadband box we got a few weeks ago. That'll now get sorted and cartoons should begin to flow down the pipe as per usual.
So here's what's happening, and pay attention because there'll be a quiz at the end: I'm keeping this, my Blogger Blog, open and working. Any and all new stuff is going up on here. The Wordpress Blog is still being kept, but for a slightly different - although still cartoony - purpose (as will soon become clear). You see, my brother and I have been working on something for a while - something that I hope you and everyone you know and everyone else will like - and now that I am in a temporary state of potential possibility (aka: no longer in an awful corporate job) it's about to take off (no it's not a plane! Or even a zeppelin for that matter). In just over a week there'll be a post announcing it and then you'll see how everything binds together. Mysterious much? Yes. Sorry. I just don't want to jinx it. It's something my bro and I are spectacularly excited about and we're currently working hard to finish it.

And if this whole thing has taught me anything it's that you should always follow the career path you want - and even if it doesn't work out then at least you can say you gave it a try and had a lot of fun making the attempt. But there'll be more on that too soon, cos the next post will see the return of the rambunctious, rebellious and...erm...really good, 'Rob's Random 5'!

Ohhh it's good to be back!


Christopher said...

It's great to have you back, dude. Wise and true words spoken regarding following your dream.

Let's hope your 'state of potential possibilities' lasts and is fruitful!

Welcome back Rob :)

Cassandra said...


Sorry you don't have a job anymore, but here's to doing something you love!

Yes, welcome back, Rob!