Wednesday, 11 November 2009


'The morning after another honey binge...'

Pooh Bear loves honey. Maybe he loves it a little too much. In the books he says he's willing to do anything for it. That sounds like an addiction to me. But depicting him going to a Honey-lovers Anonymous meeting would have been a weak joke. I even toyed with the idea of him losing his foot due to diabetes. In the end I took a more brutal approach. And maybe it's just me extrapolating the joke in my head, but there's something incredibly sad about this cartoon, and all because I put a little son in it. Pooh Bear off his head on honey or recovering from another night's binge while Piglet and Christopher Robin look on disappointedly - that's funny. Having Pooh suffering from a honey-addiction hangover and lying in his own filth while his son tries to rouse him - that's tragic. But comedy and tragedy go hand in hand, and really you get from this cartoon what you want: you can see it as a humorous observation about that bear's love of the runny stuff, or a tragi-comic take on a beloved children's character. I love it either way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to write a joke about Eeyore's anti-depressants...


Melanie said...

Christopher Robin looks like he has grew up to be a super hero :)

Nicole said...

I have to say Rob, this is my all time favorite!! Is it wrong that I laughed out loud? :)