Sunday, 4 April 2010

First week over, there's mo-Roar-e to come..

Right, well that's the first week of 'Grandpa T-Rex' cartoons - I hope you've enjoyed them. Or some. Or at least one. If you haven't liked any then you're as cranky as Grandpa T-Rex himself. Anyway, there's a whole new week of them coming up, featuring budget airlines, memoirs and the complete void of Cretacean political correctness that only elderly dinosaurs can muster. There are plenty more of the curmudgeonly carnivore's cartoons to come but I might make them more spaced out. One a week maybe. I don't want visitors to get sick of them. I do draw other things after all.

If you want to see all the Grandpa T-Rex cartoons all in one place and uninterrupted check out the Museum of Grandpa T-Rex or just click on the label 'Grandpa T-Rex', and you'll be able to have a gander at every one so far and have your say.

Until the next time, have a good week, and see you all just after the Cambrian Period.