Tuesday, 18 May 2010

THE 300th POST! And Grandpa T-Rex is 50 cartoons old today!

Grandpa T-Rex...

...is so old he's a fire hazard.
It's rather numerically fitting that my 300th post on this blog is also Grandpa T-Rex's 50th cartoon. It's also complete chance too. But it's a good opportunity to pause, put the pencil down, and say thanks to you, the small band of lovely folk who follow and enjoy this blog, and also a special thank you to those people who enjoy and Tweet about Grandpa T-Rex. I appreciate it all very much. Grandpa T-rex would too, if he knew what Twitter was. No doubt before the year is out I'll get to my 400th post, as there are plenty of good cartoons, dinosaur and non-dinosaur related, coming up. So until then I hope you continue to enjoy the stuff that's put up here, as I certainly enjoy doing it.


Christopher said...

Keep it up dude! Congrats on 300 posts, and I can't believe there's been 50 Grandpa T-Rex cartoons already!