Wednesday, 19 May 2010

'My Grandpa T-Rex': Your chance to feature in the 100th Grandpa T-Rex!

So, 50 Grandpa T-Rex cartoons down, and I've set myself a target of getting to the 100th. I already know what Grandpa T-Rex 100 is going to be, but only if I get some assistance, because I want you, yes YOU, seriously, you, and a whole load of other people to be a part of it.

'How so?' You ask. Well, it's very simple. All you have to do is draw a T-Rex. See? Easy. Any pose, any size, doing anything or nothing at all. And saying you can't draw isn't a good enough excuse to miss out on the fun, because this isn't a competition; this is just something to get everyone having a bit of fun drawing. All T-Rex's will be accepted, no matter what they look like. None will be turned away. You can draw one in crayon or felt tip or paint or pencil or pen or whatever, and you can make it look as artsy or basic as you like Numbered List- colour it in, leave it uncoloured, give it stripes or polka dots or anything you like, there's no standard; every T-Rex is good enough (I mean, it's not like you'd have to try hard to outdo my efforts). And above all, have fun: put your T-Rex in a jaunty hat or glasses or give them a striking colour scheme. The more fun you have the better. All the T-Rex's will feature in the 100th Grandpa T-Rex cartoon, and you wouldn't want to miss out on seeing your prehistoric pencilled pride among them, would you? I've already got friends and family drawing their own T-Rexs, and everyone from young to old to very very old is having a go. The more the merrier! Get your friends and family to join in in they fancy: nothing brightens up one's day like drawing a dinosaur.

So it's that simple, draw your T-Rex, email a scan of it to me at robsmedley21(at) (the (at)'s in brackets to prevents nasty spammers) and then wait and see your creation share a space with Grandpa T-Rex and a whole museum's worth of other T-Rexes. It'll be rawr-some!

What are you waiting for, get drawing!