Sunday, 1 August 2010

You helped make it, you can't un-make it, it's GRANDPA T-REX #100!

Grandpa T-Rex...

...isn't great at family reunions.

So, here we are, Grandpa T-Rex #100. Who'da thunk it? I certainly didn't. It started off as one cartoon, then became two, then subsided for a while, then returned many months later and hasn't stopped since (barring the occasional week off). In fact, there are now more 'Grandpa T-Rex' cartoons than 'Too Close For Comfort' ones. I only ever thought I'd get to about thirty at most, but the ideas kept on popping up, the ink kept on flowing, and you good people continued to enjoy them. Before I knew it I'd drawn fifty and there was no sign of slowing. Now there are one hundred. One hundred. I don't think I've done one hundred anything in my whole life. Will I do one hundred more? Of course, but only if I can think of one hundred more jokes. Grandpa T-Rex will keep going as long as I think it's funny, and that's the way it's always worked. If I get to 199 cartoons and can't think of a 200th then there won't be a 200th. Simple as that.

A 200th would be awfully nice though.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I wanted to make the 100th a cartoon that everyone could enjoy and to say thanks to people for following the adventures of the cranky Cretaceous carnivore. So, a HUGE thanks is in order to everyone who submitted their own T-Rex to appear. I asked and you did not disappoint. Whether you were five or fifty you picked up your crayons, pencils and felt tips, and frankly you're all very talented. Thank god more of you haven't decided to become cartoonists or I'd have a run for my money. In the handy little guide below you'll be able to see who has drawn what. I had to resize some of them to fit, but otherwise nothing's changed. What you drew is what you see.

And if you didn't submit one then where were you, the Triassic?

The Artists:

1. Charlie, 2. Matt, 3. Alex, 4. Ben, 5. Thomas, 6. My Mum, 7. Grae, 8. Helen, 9. Spongehead, 10. Matt, 11. Grae, 12. Little Chris, 13. Matt (a different one this time), 14. Anonymous (ooh!)

I hope you're all very proud of your work. You should be. Thanks to you for your artistry, and thanks to everyone else who enjoys Grandpa T-Rex. And with No. 100 done I'll see you all tomorrow bright and early for No. 101...