Monday, 27 September 2010

A New Daily Cartoon: 'Drew'.

Grandpa T-Rex is on hiatus until Christmas (oho, don't worry, he'll be back and in spectacular style!), just to give him a rest, give me some time to think up plenty of jokes for him, and overall make sure the quality of his cartoons doesn't dip. I'm not going to leave you without a daily cartoon though. Oh no. There's something new. You see, the other day I was thinking about different cartoon styles and people's differing levels of ability at drawing, and how, if all cartoons existed in one cartoon world (ala 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit') then the stick man would be the underclass of the cartoon hierarchy. You never see them in comic books or cartoons, yet we all know they exist. So what do all the stick men (and stick women and stick children) do all day? How do they feel about being poorly drawn in a world of well-defined characters? And that's how I came up with 'Drew':
In the Drawn World, the stick man is the lowest of the low. Downtrodden, discriminated against, and looked down upon by the better drawn characters, they're left to do all the menial jobs that keep them out of the spotlight and the eyes of the readers and watchers. They're not even allowed colour (when have you ever seen a stick man that wasn't black and white?). A lucky few have managed to get good work, but most make a living in the drawing rooms of InkCapable Plc., creating the scenery and items you'll find in the backgrounds of frames and panels. And that's where Drew (centre) works, designing the mundane objects that cartoon characters take for granted. Everything from bolts to bedside tables to batarangs. He's joined by pencil-drawn Casey, and his full colour boss Mr. Jaw, as well as a vast cavalcade of cartoons. And that's what it's all about: essentially a cartoon all about cartoons. It'll play with colours and drawing styles and the whole thing will have a much different feel to Grandpa T-Rex. It'll be a bit more bittersweet, a lot more satirical and allegorical, and there'll be the occasional cartoon cameo.

'Drew' begins on Monday 4th October and will go on for as long as I can think of good ideas for it. It's something I'm excited about and I hope you enjoy it.


Christopher said...

You, good sir, are a frickin' genius.

LOVE this mate, can't wait. This has serious potential to be something really awesome.

HollyAnn said...

Love, love, love this! Can I borrow your brain for a little while? Mine seems to be running low on amazing ideas. I'll bring it back...promise.