Sunday, 10 October 2010

'Drew': Page Changes

So, week one of 'Drew' happened. Did you like it? I hope so. Did you like the way it was presented? Because that's about to change this week.

The one problem about producing a daily webcomic is that it can feel a bit disjointed and a bit disconnected. When you're only getting two pages a day it can be hard to keep track of the story and keep the momentum of interest in it. Just as you're getting into it, it finishes and you have to wait a day to get the next piece. It's a bit like trying to see the entire jigsaw picture by looking at one piece at a time and building up the image in your mind. So rather than have two pages every day, there's going to be one post on just one day with a week's worth of pages (probably about ten, and probably this Thursday). That way you get a good chunk of story that won't feel all choppy. Why did I pick Thursday? I like Thursdays. Thursdays are good.

I said at the start that 'Drew' would be a bit of an experiment in the early stages and this is just part of it. If it works this week, it'll stick. If not, I'll find another way and in the mean time go back to 2 pages daily. If you have an opinion, then voice it. After all, you are the reader.