Sunday, 13 February 2011

Admiral Ackbar has some advice for you...

Do you know, I've never met anyone who actually likes Valentine's Day. Not one. Everyone I know or meet or talk to dislikes Valentine's Day and its unnecessary pageantry for a) an emotion that you can feel on any other day and b) for a saint who wasn't all that great. For the single its a torturous 24 hours and for those in a relationship it's a redundant day. I love my girlfriend, I tell her that every time I'm with her, and I don't need a grim day in February as an excuse to tell her, or to buy her flowers or take her out for dinner. We already do all that stuff, without the overwhelming glitter and hearts. That's why I always heed Admiral Ackbar's warning. It's a day for greeting card companies, mediocre Italian restaurants and rose sellers to mine profit from raw emotion, and while that's a despicably clever strategy, I think it's something to best steer clear of.
And if you need further good reasons why Valentine's Day is the worst day in the whole year, this old instructional video will undoubtedly help.