Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ghost Writer (Pt.2) - The Ghost of the Failed Writer

Yesterday (or eight inches below this sentence), I showed you the 3 Writer's Ghosts that are going to appear in an upcoming article on Fuel Your Writing. I also did a 'Marley's Ghost' style phantom - a spirit to warn of the impending ghosts - but decided not to use it in the end as it was a) too many pictures for an article that's only 1000 words long, and b) because it's a little despairing for the vibe I was going for in the article. You can see what I mean...

The Ghost of the Failed Writer:
Just as Jacob Marley was chained and held down by money boxes, so the Ghost of the Despairing Writer is tethered to his career and bound by the chains he forged in life: the works he abandoned and never finished, all the books he hoped to publish but never did, all the ideas he left incomplete. He's an unfinished story, wandering through the space between words, haunted by writer's block. Spooky, no?

Facially he's heavily based on our fearful fellow from Munch's 'The Scream', but also has a teensy bit of Doctor Who's Silence thrown in (fun fact: as you may know, the look of The Silence was actually modelled on 'The Scream'). And I wanted him to look like he's wasting away like a struggling and starving 18th century writer. He's meant to be a terrifying, despairing creature because he represents everything a writer fears: Failure

But don't fear him. There's only one way to dispel the Ghost of the Failed Writer, and that's to pick up a pen, start writing, and never, ever stop.