Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Now pay attention 007... The Bond Poster Project Begins

I've not drawn in ages. That tends to happen when you have to do things like earn money. The little pleasures can fall by the wayside. Getting back to it now though, with a project to keep me out of trouble on an evening. Look...

Yes. Technically that's cutting out and gluing. It's the bit that comes after the drawing.

I've started a 'Bond Poster Project', where I attempt to create a fun little poster for each Bond film. I'm not doing it for any particular reason other than love Bond, drawing, and having nice things to look at. Hopefully you like looking at nice things too. If you follow me on Twitter for TV stuff (@robsmedley86), then you'll have already seen a couple of them wedged in between me moaning about Jonathan Creek. They'll all be featured on here from now on though, and in no particular order (so don't expect Thunderball after Goldfinger, etc)

I'm old-fashioned when it comes to drawing, and I'm no good at technology and photoshop and things like that, so each poster is/will be made entirely out of cut up pieces of coloured and patterned paper. The only digital trickery is scanning them into my computer box. So, like you see in the picture, there'll be lots of glue and scissors. And hopefully some nice things to look at as a result.