Sunday, 20 April 2014


The last in what has accidentally become a triumvirate of fake instructions for Bond gadgets is 007's most awesome (and awesomely 90s) phone. 

Seen in 1997's 'Tomorrow Never Dies', Bond's phone was a prototype Ericsson (Ericsson would later create a much less gadget-packed model similar to it). In a touchscreen world it now looks incredibly dated, so I gave it some incredibly dated instructions. Remember when you bought a new phone in the 90s/early 00's and there'd be a tightly-folded canvas of paper featuring the operating guide jammed in the box with it? You'd then have to unfold it and wrestle with it until you found the section with your language on.

You don't get that with phones anymore. What a shame. Don't try and wrestle with the above image. It only comes in Nokia-knock-off Finnish.