Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's quicker by TARDIS

Way way waaaay back when rail travel in Britain had a so-called 'Golden Age', and beautiful steam engines rattled and huffed along the lines, the 'It's Quicker By Rail' advertising campaign promoted destinations with glamourous, stylish, and downright beautifully painted pictures of cities or seaside resorts. Google 'It's quicker by rail' to see just how tempting they made travel seem. You don't get that feeling any more. 

In the same spirit of those posters I knocked together this one, for Gallifrey's continent of Wild Endeavour (mentioned and seen in 'The Sound of Drums'), and its coastline. And it really is quicker by TARDIS. The train'll take bloody ages to get there. 

I promise I'll stop doing Doctor Who travel posters soon. I've nearly got it all out my system. In fact, there'll be something completely different tomorrow.