Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I have a few duck jokes up my sleeve (seriously, ducks are funny) but this is my favourite of them all so it got drawn first. There's also an oblique movie reference in there (I only realised it after I finished the cartoon - but ten points to the person to be able to name that 80's movie, and a further ten if you can name the movie where a duck is killed by a loaf of bread).
I've been working on a duck/bread joke for a while, but it was only last night that this one finally crystallised. After all, when you go to feed the ducks there's always one duck that's greedier than the rest; always trying to gobble up more than its fair share of that stale loaf you've earmarked for them.
Also, what is it about the baguette that makes it the funniest of all breads? Is it it's great, yeasty phallic shape? Or the way it's name sounds? Or the fact that it's the only bread you can sword-fight with? Or something else entirely? I mean, if the duck had a loaf or a focaccia sticking out of its beak it wouldn't be half as funny....

Anyway, first cartoon back, what do you think of it? And tune in tomorrow for an entirely new (non-duck) cartoon!