Thursday, 26 March 2009

I guess it might be called 'Sat-Pan'...

'Peter Pan's Sat-Nav...'

What kind of car would Peter Pan drive?
Yeah, I know, he can fly, but the boy's gotta have some wheels just in case he runs out of pixie dust or his jetpack is at the mender's. I actually put a ridiculous amount of thought into what kind of car he would have. I'm weird like that - I put a lot of thought into the sideways logic of a cartoon. Everything has to have a reason for being there to make the whole things as funny as possible. At first I wanted him to have a big ol' people carrier that had Wendy and all the Lost Boys crammed in, but it proved to be too 'busy' and left no room for the words. Then I thought about him having a thoroughly pimped out ride - because Peter Pan's always seemed like a dick and it made sense for him to be rolling around in an overly-extravagant car. Then I moved to a sports car, but I thought that was too good for him; the kid's not made of money. At one point I did consider a 'home made' car that looked like it had been cobbled together by Pan and the Lost Boys out of wood and bits and bobs, but that idea soon went. At last I settled for a generic red thing, because the car's not really the joke (although the license plate is a crafty Peter Pan reference) and you don't want it to get in the way of the real focus which is the sat-nav. So I made it plain and boring. Take that, boy who never grows up!
On a side note, it's rather difficult to draw Peter Pan - you can easily make him look like Robin Hood if you're not careful. And why would Robin need a Sat-Nav? He doesn't own a car!