Monday, 7 September 2009

'Oomph' #2

After the successful first series of sentences designed to give a lagging tale some 'oomph', here's another batch of story inspiring sentences to jump-start a sluggish story. And if you think of any, don't be shy, share them with the class!

-He/she/I picked up the newspaper next to me. The headline read, 'Escaped Cannibal Sheep Still On The Lam'.

-(Insert character name) lit a cigarette and cruelly blew smoke into the face of a passing cat.


-There was a pause, but it wasn't long enough to warrant writing a longer sentence about it.

-"Do you smell gas?" (insert character name) sniffed.

-All at once the lights went out, and when they came back on a second later an enormous wheel of cheese had appeared on the table.

-"What's that?" he/she said as he/she held the phone tighter in their hand, "A band of rabid monkeys is heading this way?!"

-"(Insert character name), I have a secret to tell you," he/she said, "I have a condition. Whenever I talk I put weird pronunciations on words that don't need them. It's called Shatner Syndrome."

-Her coat fell off and all of a sudden (insert character name) realised that his date wasn't a woman, but actually three chimps standing on one another's shoulders.

-Minutes later the scotch tape came unstuck and his leg fell clean off.

-The plot thickened. Then it thinned a little.

-Suddenly there was a sound of smashing glass. Everyone turned to look. Standing in the window was Steven Seagal, dressed as a seagull and bleeding profusely.

-"Stop!" he/she/I shouted, "Hammer-time!"

-Then, just as a lull in the plot had crept in, a furious debate over who was better, Batman or Superman, began.

-(Insert character name) interrupted their conversation. "Did I leave the iron on?"


Nicole said...

Once again, these are brilliant! I seriously think you need to be the next Lemony Snicket :)