Sunday, 6 September 2009

'Sorry I Mist You...'

An Illustration from Mr. Stephen King Esq.'s latest literary work of horror,
'The Pea-Souper' (Pub. 1889)
I watched Stephen King's 'The Mist' last night and quite enjoyed it. Really though, it's not so much of a mist as a dense fog or maybe a low cloud, or, as the Victorians would have called it, 'a real pea-souper'. Hence this cartoon. I'm particularly proud of the portly gent pressed against the glass of the general store - he doesn't seem to be doing too well. But what foul creature in the supernatural pea-soup could he have run afoul of? A ravenous Omnibus? A flesh-eating horse? A haunted steam-engine? A carniverous Spinning Jenny? Or maybe even a Cotton Gin with a grudge? We just don't know.
Gentlemen will die! Bonnets will be undone! Uptight Victorian rules will be challenged! The mysteries of the pea-souper will be revealed! Seriously Stephen King, write this book...