Thursday, 26 November 2009


What secret project have the Smedley Bros. been working on in the secret project bunker hidden 300 feet beneath the village post office? What dastardly plans for world domination do they have? Is it true that they have a death ray and a tank full of man-eating lemurs in their lair? And what will their next move be in this terrifying game of - you know what, I'll just tell you.

We've been building a website. Not just any website, oh no, but a 'Too Close For Comfort' website - a place where the cartoons here and not here are available as greetings cards, postcards, prints and (soon) mugs. It's my creativity meets Richard's technical skill, all wrapped in one little family business and it's rather exciting. The website is nearly done (I had to draw most of it in order for it to look like an interactive comic so naturally it's taken quite a while) and once it's up and running - by next week - it'll look spiffing. You'll be able to look around and see what's on offer, although that'll be all. The shopping basket will be sorted by the week after. There is a dedicated section of Fun Stuff as well, where you can play games, see new cartoons and link through to the Wordpress blog (see I told you I had a plan for that) where stuff about the site will be put up. This blog won't change a bit.

So now you know what the secret project is. I hope you like it when you see it. And should you choose to buy anything from it then there will of course be lovely discounts for friends. There'll be an update post next week telling you the address and all about the site so you can cruise around it then, but until that point I'll whet your appetite with a look at a section of a page to give you an idea of what the whole thing will look like... The idea was to make the whole site look as fun and cartoony and generally as 'un-website-like' as possible, so the whole thing is laid out like a comic strip, with characters popping up and about as you click on the comic panels. In short, it'll be fun, whether you're buying cards or just looking around.
Right, well I'd best be off. I have some final pages to draw. Hope you've enjoyed this brief glimpse, and I hope you'll enjoy the finished site even more. It'll be coming very soon indeed.


Christopher said...

Sounds FANTASTIC dude! Can't wait to see it! Knowing you I have this very clear picture of what it may be like, and the humour and fun it will involve, and I'm sure when I get to see the finished site I won't be far wrong. Or, at least, it will be even better than I imagine :)

Sounds like an awesome project Rob. You have whetted my appetite!