Friday, 5 February 2010

Love & Brain Training...

Don't know who Dr. Kawashima is? Or maybe you've not been doing his brain training exercises? Either way, this will help. A bit.

Obviously I'm not going to tell you what to think about this cartoon, but I don't expect you to find this funny (although it's fanastic if you do). I think you mind find it amusing in a 'bitter-sweet Indie film' sort of way, but really it's meant to give you something to think about. Although do feel free to enjoy the variety of coffees displayed on the board. Cabbageino, anyone? Novacash Coffee is my creative constant; my version of the Slusho. Whenever I draw or write and require a coffee chain, I use Novacash, a thinly-veiled caffeine corporation I invented and first used in my 'read by three people and that's the way I'll keep it' novel 'The How To Take Over The World Club'. I like having something that keeps cropping up in everything I do. It makes it feel like the insanity I churn out shares one little, crazy world.


Anonymous said...

I like this dude. You're right, it's "chuckle" funny, whimsical in a bittersweet way.

And I've just spotted the Burn After Reading reference in your sidebar. Love it :D